On the Move Again! (September 2011)

Sept 27, 2011

Bradley, Leanne, George, and Kathy Dressed for dinner onboard

As we address the damage from our recent lightning strike, our first order of business for Shear Madness was to get the engines operating again. Because they are electronically controlled and the lightning strike seriously damaged the electronic control units, we had to have all new parts shipped in order to get back up and running. This took some time, but yesterday the techs from Western Branch Diesel arrived with all necessary parts. The first thing we wanted to do was to try to start the engines in manual mode, bypassing the electronic controls to ensure that had we been underway and lost engines we would have been able to restart them. We had decided to wait to conduct this test until the experts were onboard. The first good news – the engines fired right up. However, without the controls there is no information available about RPM, temperature, oil pressure, etc. We would not want to run very long in that situation, but it would hopefully suffice to get us home in an emergency.

Our Last night in Colonial Beach

The techs were competent and efficient. Despite a few minor glitches with getting access to key areas, they were able to get most new parts installed and operating by the end of the day. We have a new hand-held GPS and have installed our navigation software and charts onto a laptop, so we have basic navigational capability. Bradley and John were also able to get one of our two anchors operational. We still have no depth sounder and that’s a big concern. The next phase of our repairs will occur in Beaufort, NC and will require a 300-mile trip down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). The ICW has a channel that should accommodate us as far as depth, but it would be a very nerve-wracking trip for us without a depth sounder. But we’ve had another bit of good fortune. Another Nordhavn, the 64 foot Sweet Hope, arrived at Colonial Beach last week and is planning to head south to NC. The captain, George, a highly experienced and capable chap, has agreed to act as our escort so we will be able to follow him down the ICW. Our plan is to depart tomorrow, stop in at Tidewater for another visit by the Western Branch Diesel techs, then head down to Beaufort. Unlike an ocean passage where we would travel 24 hours a day, the ICW can only safely be navigated during daylight hours, so we plan to stop at night either at a marina or at a safe anchorage.

Kathy and Jordan enjoy a last night in their house

If all goes well, we could arrive in Beaufort next week. The boat will then be hauled out of the water for further inspection. Then work will begin on the electrical systems (power), followed by getting the basic electronics (Navigation, communications, radar) functional. This will involve flying in people with the expertise to perform the repairs. Finally, once the boat is safely able to navigate in open water, we will continue on to Florida for the final phase of repairs – this includes items that are not critical to safe navigation such as water makers and entertainment system. We are planning on at least 3 months to have everything back in working order. Though it’s not what we had planned, in the end we will have learned even more about all the boat’s systems, so in the long run we will be more comfortable with that knowledge.

As we transition into the cruising life, one of the things we’ve decided is that once a week we will “dress for dinner”. This is meant to be sure we don’t forget how to do it just in case we ever return to civilization. It also ensures that we take time regularly to sit down for a proper meal with real discussion and “act like grown-ups” (or as close as we can come to doing that!). So when we invited George from Sweet Hope over for dinner, he asked “are we dressing” to which we said “Of Course”. George put us to shame with a proper British greatcoat and we had a fabulous time. So for any of you planning to visit us aboard Shear Madness, you will need to bring at least one nice outfit!

Jordan ready to leave on his great adventure with Meg

Bradley and I have now moved aboard the boat full time. We’ve left our house in Virginia in good hands with its new owners. Our dog Jordan has moved to North Carolina, where he is having a grand adventure with his beloved Aunt Meg (a family friend who has lived with us for several years). Although we love dogs, Jordan is too old to adapt to life on a boat and we have decided that cruising with a pet introduces too much complication, so we’ll be dog-less for the foreseeable future. It was difficult to leave the house, Jordan, and all our great friends in the area, but we are anxious to get through this phase and on to the “fun stuff”. Jordan had a farewell walk around the neighborhood lake before we left – click here to see the video!

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  1. #1 by Anonymous on October 6, 2011 - 5:26 pm

    Hi there Kathy & Bradley… Very sartorial indeed…. after 13 years in the Wilds of The Whitsundays… Marly is really enjoying being back in civilisation and, yes… hopes to be suitably “retrained”, resplendent and reorganised by the time we catch-up with you… soon !! Cheers from DV and Marly B in Oz
    PS : About 20 years ago I was aboard a 50’er when her masthead was zapped (all instrument senders were vapourised) by a bolt of lightening so I can just imagine what you’ve had to reinstate and the repercussions.


  2. #2 by Rodge and Steph Pringle on October 3, 2011 - 3:07 pm

    Dear all,
    Safe travels and we hope John and Leanne get to watch a little bit of the Rugby World Cup quarter finals on television 8-9 Oct. The main finals on 22-23 Oct and we hope the New Zealand All Blacks make it to the finals. Regrettably, the USA team, despite some great games in the pool rounds didn’t make it to the quarter finals – but they certainly had some great games and are improving year by year. They should be a force to reckon with in the next World Cup in 2015. All the best down the ICW, fair weather and no more lightening to NC…..enjoy as always, the onboard cruising life. Regards,
    Rodge and Steph, New Zealand.


  3. #3 by Anonymous on October 2, 2011 - 8:17 am

    Hi Guys

    Glad the electric are getting better; nice video & music; looks like you have the cold weather before us, it’s 30 degrees (thats C) here and England is supposed to be cold & wet! We just spent 10 days in Normandie; the French were very welcoming and we would recommend a visit to this part of the world; plenty of water & room in marinas for 70’ers.

    Neil & Suzy


  4. #4 by Anonymous on September 27, 2011 - 8:52 pm

    Kathy, every time I read your messages I continue to be amazed at your creativity in writing – your trip is an experience for all of us to enjoy through your words! You are Bradley take everything in stride, good and bad – and you always have a smile in your words….I see every time I read what you write! Have a wonderful trip that gets better and better for both of you!
    All my best,


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